Organising social events with one easy text

Save time
Let gText remove the hassle of rounding up friends for your next party so you can spend more time getting ready for the big night. Avoid being accused of leaving someone out or wasting time trying to track down people via phone or email.

Avoid confusion
Think of the revolutionary technology as an innovative social co-ordinator that avoids confusion by spreading event details via one simple SMS to everyone at the same time.

Keep it simple
Let gText keep all your friends and family in the loop.

gText makes group texting simple!
Create private or public groups

gText gives you the freedom to choose between creating groups where you can invite the general public to share in your SMS conversations or just keep it private between a few select members.

Your way or the highway

You control the flow of the conversation by choosing if you want to enter an open two-way conversation between all group members or simply restrict your messages one-way to specific members. gText allows you to send updates or alerts without paying for reply messages.

Purple circle

You can broadcast key messages more effectively by allowing a handful of key members to contribute to a conversation before publishing it to a wider audience. gText lets you select 'moderators' and 'broadcasters' within your inner circle to safeguard the safe distribution of your messages.

Threaded Conversations

Conversations flow easily and effortlessly between group members courtesy of gText's the simplistic approach to communication. All SMS messages are threaded in a seamless fashion to avoid confusion and mixed messages.

Create your own following

Set up your own groups by inviting family and friends to join you. Existing members can simply join any of your groups or you can personally invite new members to get on board, set up an account and start texting. gText keeps track of your invites and responses.