Creating A Group In gText

Posted 14/06/2011

If you are organising a social event, placing your staff in different categories or organising a school assignment study session, creating a group through gText is important. It’s also important to make sure you information is sent to the correct people in an efficient and timely manner and you will be targeting the correct people, providing them with the correct information and best of all everyone in your group can engage in a group conversation with one another all on a mobile phone. You can see what everyone has been talking about and information will never be misunderstood or lost again.

How do I create a group in gText?

The process is as simple as signing up to use gText!

All you have to do is select who will benefit from the group, for example, if you are a student working on a group assignment, you will put those members in one group. If you are organising your birthday party at a nightclub, you will be targeting your friends who are interested in clubbing.

To create the group simply go to, sign up and once you have signed up you instantly receive 25 free credits where you can start texting right away.
Group types and options:

You can create all type of groups in the gText platform such as public and private. To join a public conversation without obtaining an invitation you can search for it online to join in. To join the group you will have to start your text message as so: “gJoin (group name)” and then send it to gText who will then on your behalf sent it to the group. You can also edit your groups at any time and allow more people in or remove them.

Remember the owner of the group has control! There is an owner-paid and sender-paid option, whereby the owner can broadcast the message again to the entire group and to whom they would like it broadcast to.

The text messages don’t always have to come from the mobile phone. You can send a message to your contact list from the gText website!


Mario’s Pizza shop – Mario opened a new pizza shop and for the grand opening of the store he advertised in the local newspapers “Buy one pizza get one free plus a free drink” for the opening day. Once customers entered the store they filled out a form and were placed on the Mario’s Pizza database to receive special offers in the future. Once the phone numbers were collected, Mario placed them on the gText platform under “CUSTOMERS” and sent out text messages to his customers about special offers. The customers were asked if they would like to join the group “MARIOSPIZZA” to reply with a “gYes”.

John’s Car Care Company was launching a new product. He already had a database where he could send out text messages to customers through gText about special offers. He went to the gText website and created a group “NEWPRODUCT” where he could inform customers who would benefit from this product. He sent the text message to customers to join on 04479 gText (48398), “gJoin ‘NEWPRODUCT’”. Once they had accepted, he sent out information on the product, when it would be released and a special offer to purchase the product. 
After logging in:

• Select the “create group” tab
• Give it a name, for example “My Birthday” or “English Group Assignment”
• Select a name that the group needs to start a conversation with. You can use the name of the group for this step again
• You can choose to display a picture if you want
• Write a brief description of what your group is about
• Write where your location is and select a category the group sits in, for example: if it is a birthday then you might select the category to be “activities”
• Then choose to make the conversation public or private and who gets to pay for the texts, either you or your group!

Once you have clicked on the create group tab, enter the mobile phone numbers you wish to have a conversation with! After that all you need to do is send one text message to 04479 gText (48398), the only Number you ever need to Remember, with the name of the group at the start of the message, your friends need to reply to join the group with a “gYes” and your all set!

Don’t forget!

If you refer your friends to gText you also receive 2 bonus credits for each person so you can keep your conversation flowing!

There is also a Facebook integration with gText. You can have a conversation with your friends while you are online and they could be using their mobile phones.
Yes it really is that simple! With gText your conversations just keep on going in real-time and with On Number To Remember, gText really is the easy way!

Jane's 21st Birthday!

Posted 01/06/2011

Jane was just your typical 20 year-old-girl girl who was studying at university. She is a popular and studious girl who is always the life of the party! She was well aware that her birthday was approaching but as her studies were getting busier and busier, she put it at the back of her mind.

As the days rolled by closer and closer, she was beginning to get excited! Her family and friends were getting excited for her as this is a big milestone for someone important in their lives.
“Are you having a theme?”, “Where will the party be held?”, “What presents would you like?” her family and friends would ask, but they all got the same response, “I’m not sure yet as I have been busy studying”.

The big day was now just around the corner and Jane was just starting to get a nervous excitement about it, with her studies almost behind her for the semester, she started to feel like she had left her birthday party planning all too late.
One night while on the computer, she was trying to design an invitation to send out to her friends and family. This was time consuming as she had spent all day studying and all she wanted to do was relax, it was also going to cost her to send out the invitations and she did not want to e-mail them as it eliminated the personal touch.
Jane decided to take a break, Jane noticed that there was a website her friends were flocking to and were engaging in group texting conversations. She went straight to and within 1 whole minute, she had read all about gText, signed up (received her 25 free credits) and was adding her friends to the platform. There is only One Number to Remember, one number whereby the owner of the group sends out one text message to 04479 48398 (gText) and then gText will send it out to all your friends. “What a perfect way to invite my friends to my party!” exclaimed Jane. Within the next minute she had sent out her birthday invitations to her friends via gText!

The conversations started rolling in. Her friends were talking to her and each other about gText, the latest innovation in group texting, and her birthday party. The only downfall? Because Jane had left the invitations to late and had not discovered gText sooner, everyone else had already made other plans. She was disappointed but still decided to celebrate her day with her family.

Jane’s big day has finally arrived! Today she is 21! In the morning she had breakfast with her parents and siblings and then left to take some books to the library. When she returned the house was locked and assumed her family had stepped out for a bit. After unlocking and opening the door “SURPRISE” was shouted at the top of everyone’s lungs! Jane was stunned! Her whole family and all her closest friends were at her house all there to celebrate her birthday! A surprise party was organised for her by her friends and family. Everyone was able to communicate with one another in secret about it through gText. She was quite shocked to hear that her own parents had found gText and were using it to help organise her party and speak with her friends.

gText helped make Jane’s birthday party a success and with One Number to Remember, it really is the easy way!     

gText and School Uses

Posted 27/05/2011

Whether you are in high school or university, gText is the technological accessory for all to use. If businesses can use it to promote themselves and their products, so can students to organise group study sessions, group meetings and much more.  Students can also engage in conversation about an assignment that needs to be completed or find out when there next class is. Either way, gText can help. With students minds being in multiple places at once, the “One Number to Remember” makes the process of group texting so much more simpler and easier to get the information you need or send out faster than ever before!

No more having to look for each contact in your list, no more second guessing and not more wondering if you have invited everybody. All your friends and classmates can now be added to the gText platform. So when you have that important message that needs to be sent out, send it to 04479 gText (48398) and gText will send it out to multiple recipients in your group list. It really is that simple!

Wait a sec…I’m a student! Texts can be expensive?

Text messaging on a mobile plan can accumulate. With gText you will receive 25 free credits when you first sign up and there are no lock-in, contracts. What makes it even better is that your credits never expire so you can use a little or a lot. Your in control and it's totally up to you. So don't throw your money away because now you can control what you want plus you can also choose who will be the main payer of the group conversation.

Heres a great idea…If you have more than one group assignment, simply log on to your gText platform, add the relevant mobile phone numbers and create different groups. For example: “SCIENCE” “MATHS” “ENGLISH” and so on. This way you can easily see who has replied to each assignment given you the flexibility you need to manage your assignments. Real time, real group texting...
This is not only just for students....

is not only limited to students. Teachers can alert their students if they are going to be late or sick for the day and if a student is sick they can notify the teacher and the teacher can have a conversation with them about what is required when they return to class.

School library notices for overdue books, students can be remind a couple of days beforehand so that books are returned in a timely manner. Teachers can stay in contact with one another to see if they are sick and need to a substitute. There are so many aspects that gText can solve some reoccurring issues that occur on a frequent basis. Don't worry, your messages can be made private so only you and your group can see the messages.

How do I start?

It’s really simple! Sign up on our simple form and receive 25 free credits to get started. Give you group a name, add the contacts and away you go.

So start texting today with gText and turn your assignments into a HD! With gText it really is the easy way! 

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