Expand Your Business further with gText!

Posted 20/05/2011

Today there are many mediums to now help expand your business and they are also designed to be easy and effective. As we know, some work and some don’t, but it can be hard to distinguish which will work.

With gText, you can use an effective tool to help promote your business...“One number to remember

gText allows you to put customer and staff mobile phone numbers via the platform, creating different groups such as “clients” and “staff” and have multiple conversations with them all at the touch of your fingertips! The beauty of gText is that there is only “One Number to Remember.” To create a message start by giving your group a name, invite your contacts to the platform and then send your text messages to 04479 gText (48398).

gText will then send the message out to all your contacts in the selected group all at once.

How can it work for me?

• Promotion and communication is vital to business success. gText can make sure that your company’s name is seen and not only just heard!  

• gText places your business into your consumers hands. A text message will be sent all your list of clients showing them what your company does best!  • Provide your consumers with information about a new product and when it will be on available in stores.

• Let your consumers know about a sale. This will then help to create in-store traffic for retail stores.  • Track your marketing success by asking your audience to reply with a simple “gYes” so they will be included in the group text message conversation. You can effectively monitor who is the appropriate audience for your business by build your own effective database via gText.

 • By creating a group, let your consumers interact via gText creating hype about your product through group texting. They can share their excitement about it!  

• And last but not least…when you sign up to gText you get 25 free credits! Get ready to start your conversation today!

All industries can benefit from using gText...

You can still benefit from gText! Stop wasting time ringing all your external staff to see where they are and if they are making their appointments. Send them a text message instead, find out their location and send out reminders for meetings and best of all you can continue your own work. They can also interact with other staff and engage in a conversation about how their client meetings went all via gText.

gText is also perfect for real estate agents. Send out property information to perspective buyers! Not looking for houses anymore? Just go straight to gText and remove your client’s number. It's really that simple.

Examples of how gText can work for your business...

 Promotional Material: “NEWSTORE." To join our group at gText reply ‘gJOIN NEWSTORE’ and start receiving offers direct to your mobile. Don't miss the boat ever’”.

 New Products: “CARCARE." Take care of your car by applying the most effective wax used in the industry. TruWax promises to protect your car from all bumps and scratches that can occur. For a free sample reply to this text message saying CARCARE give me free sample now!”

• Real Estate: “INSPECTION." 55 Smith Street, Smalltown is open for inspection on the 185/05/11. For more information please reply with the word ‘Inspection’ and your query”. 

Sending out a text message is also a discreet option as e-mails could accidently be sent out to the wrong people and conversations stay within the mobile phone. You can also choose to make your conversation private or public, the choice is yours!

gText is far more conventional than sending an e-mail. Flyers could annoy your audience and many mailboxes now have signs displaying “no junk mail. Sending out a text message to your networks is cost-effective to the business, helps the environment and targets the consumers in a more interactive, fun and hassle-free way.

So what are you waiting for? Incorporate gText into your business today! And…with “One Number to Remember” the choice is simple. gText really is “the easy way.” 

gText the easy way - Features, Benefits and More...

Posted 11/05/2011

A, B, C easy as 1, 2, 3. We all want everything to be easy and simple and best of all be rewarded for using services. Keeping in touch with your friends, colleagues, businesses has never been so simple. gText is the latest in group text messaging and it's easy to use.

gText is a group text messaging service by which one can communicate with multiple people and have multiple group conversations, all on you mobile phone with "One Number to Remember." Not only that everyone that is connected to your group will see all the text message that have been made so no one will ever miss out on information again!

Group text messaging is new in Australia and can be used in more ways than one. Organise social events with friends, businesses can incorporate it and use it to send out information and reminders to external staff members, push their products and special promotions to their consumers and clients and much more! gText is free to join and there are no “lock-in” contracts to sign. The unused credits accumulated never expire so they are always ready on hand when you are ready to start texting. 

Exactly how is gText easy?

• gText works by simply creating your own account. In order to do that firstly you need to sign up on the website.

• Simply add your name, e-mail address, mobile phone number and password. 10 second sign up.

• Once you logged in to gText website, you can easily create a SMS group.

• You get to choose whether the group is public or private,who pays for the messages and so on.

• After creating the group, simply add the mobile phone numbers that you wish to add to your group and invite them to join your group. Groups are exclusively “invite only” so there is no chance of spam infiltrating your group!

• Your recipients will receive a message from you to join your group. All they need to do is reply back with a “gYes” to get started. From here, whoever wants to reply to the group, they need to put the group name at the start of each messge.For example the group owner creates a SMS group called 'UniNetBall', then anyone belonging to that group sends a message to 04479 gText (04479 48398) with the group name at the start and the message details, 'UniNetBall Game starts at 4pm Tuesday', the message is circulated to everyone in the group. Sharing information has never been this easy!

• For signing up, you will also be rewards with 25 free credits.

Just when you thought that was great….Well it gets even better!  

For the month of May only...

• Now that you have your bonus 25 credits for signing up receive further 25 free credits by updating your profile. Now you have 50 free text credits to get you started. We also reward you for creating your first group and sending your first message with free SMS credits! Can't get better than this. Why not go the extra mile and introduce other friends to gText and be rewarded. Each time you bring a new gText user you will be rewarded with 2 credits.

What are the other features?

• Saves time! gText does the hard work for you. Organising a social outing is so easy because gText will let everyone know when and where to be.

• Be the owner of your group. You can control your group choosing who is in and who is out and whether it’s a public or private conversation!

• Best of all "One Number to Remember" is all you need. No more having to remember all your friends’ mobile numbers. Create your group, add all your mobile numbers to that group and send all your text messages to the one number: 04479 gText (48398) and away you go!

• You can create multiple groups and having multiple conversations all at the same time.

So who benefits from using gText:

Businesses: never lose track of your staff or client appointments again. Stay in touch with them. This helps reduce double booking appointments and makes the process much quicker and simpler. It's never been easier to manage.

• Holding a sporting event? gText can help spread the word of your next event. Fast, easy and it’s instant. 

• Students will never be confused on group assignments again. Keep in touch with your classmates and know all the components to make your assignment a HD!

gText is perfect for real estate agents. They can keep in touch with potential property buyers and send out other information to groups interested in it.

• In a nutshell… gText benefits everyone: businesses, staff, promoters, real estate agents, nightclubs and much more.

Start organising with gText...

gText takes the components of e-mail and makes it available to everyone. Mobile phones are always readily available and text messaging is performed by many each day.

With "One Number to Remember" life can be so much more simpler. Send text messages to 04479 gText (48398) and gText will send your message to your group/s straight away.

Never miss out on important information again. Why not sign up today! What have you got to lose?

gText really is the easy way - easy to join - easy to use and easy to start...

Nightclubs, gText and You!

Posted 04/05/2011

Nightclub promoters spend days and nights standing in the streets promoting their club and have a clipboard to sign up potential guests and offer 2-for1 deals before a certain entry time. This has involved obtaining an e-mail and home address of the individual. E-mail may be the way to go but junk mail ends up where it usually belongs, in the “junk” mail box. Along with this addresses can change, be misspelled and simply get lost in the mail or be posted out late. That's where gText comes to the rescue!

The solution is to build an opt-in database of mobile numbers using gText. Create a group for your club such as 'NIGHTCLUB' in gText and include a SMS call-to-action in all your current marketing materials. For example, 'SMS the word 'gJOIN Nightclub' to 04479 gText and receive free drink vouchers on your mobile this Friday'. Watch your database grow within few weeks. Now you have your loyal customers waiting for you to send promotions on their mobile! You can engage them in a true sense, ask them their opinion on future events, get feedback on past events and much more!!

Imagine sending a promotional text message before guests arrive on your night. The guests can review the text for example, “Show this message and get two drinks free.” You can now provide incentives or send a special message to your guests to entice them. With mobiles being the first thing you take with you and are carried everywhere we go, gText can help you to spread the word with "One Number to Remember."

So for your next event, promotion or organising your event, give gText a go. With "One Number to Remember" you can text your groups with ease keeping everyone in the loop and everyone engaged. Make your next event a successful one. 

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